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4 years of combined experience in Android and iOS development. I'm knowledgable and have worked with Firebase, Kotlin, Ethereum blockchain, RestAPI, Nodejs, Flutter, etc.

I believe in

Me at work đŸ™‚

My drive is creativity and growth, I'm passionate about doing four things - and these are what I can do for you

Technical consultation and training

Providing strategic and useful advice on how best to use technology in an organization. Training of beginners and intermediate developers.

Android And IOS App Development

Android and iOS app development

Creating and maintaining native mobile apps using Java, Kotlin and Flutter. While also integrating with RestAPIs and Machine learning cloud services.

User research and experience

Understanding user behaviours, needs, and motivations through observation techniques, task analysis, and other feedback methodologies.

Notable media mentions

Inclusive of references on blogs, podcasts, vlogs and social media.

"2 of my recent apps topped the trending chart(#1) on Google Play store consecutively"

I've built over 5 solutions (Android and iOS apps) actively used by over 4,000 users. I also currently work for Farmcrowdy, a top startup company which is the 1st digital agricultural platform in Nigeria worth over $5million.


See the apps I've built accessible on the store

Trainings and value giving to the community

My drive is creativity and growth! I dedicated quality time to value giving by technical consultation and training to businesses, beginner and intermediate developers.

"I'm super excited to be part of the over $5million brand team disrupting and making an impact across Africa in the Agricultural sector by empowering farmers together"

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